Feast of Saint Mark, evangelist

Today is the feast of Saint Mark the Evangelist. Some say Mark’s portrayal Jesus is can be labeled as “low Christology.” From the beginning, Mark presents Jesus as the Holy one of God. The prolog of Mark Gospel contains many attestations of Jesus’s status as the Holiest being. From the beginning, Mark uses the surname of Christ for Jesus. For Mark, Jesus is the fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophecy. The first half of the Gospel of Mark describes Jesus as the Son of God. The second half of the Gospel portrays Jesus as the Messiah, to be precise as the suffering Messiah. In the today’s Gospel, we see Jesus as the vindicated Son of Man who gives a commandment for us to proclaim Gospel to the whole world.

In our life, we might find some great leaders who inspire us to do some action. In what ways does Jesus’ life inspire you to tell people the good news?  Mark also portrays Jesus as a good teacher. Jesus shows his wisdom by engaging in debates with various opponents and adversaries. How do you respond to Jesus’ teaching? Do you see any sign of encouragement from Jesus’ teaching and life so that you can go out and share the good news?  Talk to Jesus about your desires, dreams, and interests to share the good news.  Consider the most powerful ways of spreading the good news.

April 25th, 2017