Friday of the Second Week of Easter

Pope Francis in Lumen Fidei says that the opposite of faith is idolatry, instead of unbelief. Pope Francis explains that faith, by its very nature, demands renouncing the immediate possession which sight seemingly offers. The problem for modern man is that instead of having faith in God it appears better to worship an idol.  The idol’s face we can look at directly.  We know its origin because it is the work of our own hands.  When we choose to worship an idol, there is no risk that we will be called to abandon our security. Pope Francis explains further that idolatry is always about an aimless passing from one lord to another. Once we begin to worship an idol, we begin to set ourselves at the center of reality and worshipping our own accomplishment.

In today’s scripture, we hear that Gamaliel knows that our trust in certain idols will not endure forever. It is only faith in God that endures forever. Faith in God will be fruitful because God will not abandon us. Let’s pause and reflect on whether we put our trust in God all the time, or, perhaps, we do not trust Him in everything. Let us pray for the Holy Spirit to increase our faith. We also hear in today’s scripture that the disciples left the presence of the Sanhedrin rejoicing that they had been found worthy to suffer dishonor for the sake of the name of Jesus. Can you share the joy of the apostles because of your faith in Jesus Christ?

April 28th, 2017