Monday of the Seventh Week of Easter

In today’s Gospel the reaction to Jesus’ message begs consideration. The disciples say to Jesus: “you know everything.” So, “we believe you came from God.” Wonderful! But their later actions show us how weak that faith was. It is so easy for me to identify with them. When I am up, how easy it is for me to say, “I truly believe.” Then a setback comes along and I say: “Why did you let that happen to me!”

Faith in God grows stronger by the bumps and challenges I meet each day. Jesus’ passion and death were challenges to the disciples’ faith. At the same time they served as means to toughen that faith. So it is with me. The setbacks and sorrows I encounter each day can strengthen my faith. How?

By my repeating the disciples’ words: “Jesus, you know everything. I believe you come from God.” And I listen to his response: “Courage, I have conquered the world.”

Courage is also a natural virtue. Memorial Day reminds me to pray for the many members of the armed services, police and firefighters who died serving our country’s needs. May they rest in peace and may their memory inspire all of us to appreciate better the virtue of courage.

May 29th, 2017