Friday of the Ninth Week in Ordinary Time

Praise the Lord, my soul! (Psalm 146:1)
Everyone talks to themselves. We all have an interior monologue that is a more or less continuous commentary on the world around us. It appears when we see others driving in a way that we do not approve, for example if the car in front of us does not go when a red light ceases to be red, we may think “When the light turns green you should stop texting, and drive!” These interior monologues do not always have to be negative, however, as the Psalmist exemplifies. We can at times turn our internal commentary towards the good qualities and deeds of others. Sometimes internal commentary is not so internal. Working with children who have not yet developed a filter between what they think and what they say can be a source of great entertainment for that very reason.
Being around those whose thoughts are often like the Psalmist’s can also be incredibly edifying when they cannot contain their internal praises for the Lord. Our first reading ends in the most beautiful of ways: “That day there was joy for all the Jews in Niniveh.” (Tobit 11:17) This week we have been able to see the beautiful soul of Tobit in his thoughts, his concern for others, his prayer, his patience in suffering. Now when the beautiful thoughts of his heart overflow in outward praise of the Lord, we see the great joy that is to be had, not just by him, but by those around him. May the Spirit who fills us with love of Him, give us the words necessary to praise His deeds in our life, so that we and those who hear us may rejoice equally in His works.
June 9th, 2017