Memorial of Saint Julian Eymard, Priest

The 1st reading today invites me to reflect on the life of Moses. His “face became radiant” after spending 40 days alone with God. Result: he had to put on the veil when dealing with every day business matters. He became, what is known as “a contemplative in action”.

In commenting on his two parables cited in our Gospel, Jesus teaches that to be his follower does not mean we have to reject everything, but to put a value on all in relation to our ultimate vocation: to be with him for all eternity.

Does this good that attracts my attention help or hinder me in achieving my final purpose in life? Should I invest in it or put it aside?

These are practical, every day questions. If I want the end, I want the means. Moses also had to deal with practical matters when dealing with the Israelites. His time spent with God enabled him to put the right price tag on his choices and doing so enabled him to rely more on God for light. That’s being “a contemplative in action”.

August 2nd, 2017