Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Jesus promises us many things. Mary shows us that they will be fulfilled. Jesus promises us that we will be with Him in heaven body and soul. A week ago, Mary showed us through her Assumption that this will happen. Jesus tells the apostles in today’s gospel that they will sit on thrones (cf. Mt. 19:28). Today, with the coronation of Mary, we see what it means to sit on a heavenly throne. Mary is the first fulfillment of all Jesus’ promises.

When we look at Mary, we look at what we might become, what Jesus can make of us. And while the thought of Mary sitting on a throne may strike us as an odd existence for one so humble, notice how she uses her power: to draw people to her Son. Not for gain or power or sowing division. For union and peace. The Queen of Heaven invites us to submit to the Prince of Peace. This is ultimately our destiny: to sit on thrones using our power to encourage one another in union with Jesus. Jesus wants us to be a royal people, and has a royal plan laid out for us. Yet again, Mary shows us that reality with Jesus is better than any fantasy.

August 22nd, 2017