Thursday of the Twenty-fifth Week in Ordinary Time

Our Gospel reading is one of the few readings were Jesus is not present as an active character.  He is only referenced to, and not even by name.  Instead, we readers hear about Jesus from the perspective of Herod the Tetrarch.  The Roman imperial authorities endorsed Herod’s reign after his father’s, Herod the Great, death.  From his palace, Herod the Tetrarch appears confused about the reports he was receiving from his court and agents.

The news about Jesus eventually reaches Herod’s ears.  Instead of dropping what he was doing and leaving the palace, Herod stays put.  His curiosity about Jesus does not lead him to the edge of his door to go out to see Jesus.  His wonder is not echoed in his actions.  He stays at a safe distance from Jesus who travels out to people, and sends his disciples to do likewise.

Herod is not so different from us at times.  We have a fascination about Jesus and what he is doing in our world, and in our lives.  We would rather stay put than come close to the Lord.  Maybe we are worried that the lives we are living Jesus would be disapproving.  Maybe we think the Lord likes us better when he cannot see our imperfections up close.  Our pride can prevent us from even thinking we need Jesus’ help.  Whatever our rationalization process in our hearts, we all struggle to go to the Lord.  When we meet the Lord—in a quiet moment, in a quick prayer, or in a face of another—the Lord is already waiting for us to come to share ourselves.

When have you struggled to share something with God?  What was it like to share with God after the struggle?

September 28th, 2017