Twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Jesus gives me two brothers to consider today. Neither is impressive. The first pleases his father; then disappoints him. The second disappoints his father; then pleases him. Both are inconsistent, selfish. The father is patient, loving.

I can identify with both. Sometimes I am all fired up to become involved in a good cause, but then the enthusiasm wanes. At other times I deliberately distract myself from the good, but circumstances put me back on tract.

What’s the solution? The Examination of Conscience.

What a wonderful habit it is to set aside each day some few minutes to think how good and patient the Father is and to thank him for all the gifts he has given to me in the past twenty-four hours.

Next, I ask him to let me see the two brothers in myself. When have I acted like the first? And the second? Where did I go wrong? How am I going to make sure there’ll be no repetitions?

Then, I’ll thank the Father for his patience and love for me, and remind him that without his grace

I cannot help but identifying with each of the two brothers. Finally, I’ll ask Mary, who is full of grace, to obtain that grace for me.

October 1st, 2017