Memorial of Blessed Marie Rose Durocher

First Friday

Prophets in the Old Testament often called down God’s wrath on cities, the cesspools of evil at the time. In condemning the small towns around the Lake Jesus is following the example of the Old Testament prophets.

He reproaches the towns = and their inhabitants – for remaining closed to his message. Like the towns the most serious sin that I can commit is to put up a wall, to remain so impervious so that message that any conversion will be impossible for me.

The first attitude I must nurture is being opened to the Gospel message, and then to receive it. A missionary is one whom Jesus sends to brings that message to others by words, attitudes or actions.

Behind what the missionary says or does stands the Lord who speaks and acts through him or her. Prayer enables me to become a missionary, to reflect on Jesus’ words and actions so that what he tells me in my contemplation and prayer I can bring to others.

Come, dwell within me, convert me, Sacred Heart of Jesus, especially on this First Friday, and make me a missionary for you to others.

October 6th, 2017