Memorial of St. Lucy, Virgin and Martyr
In the midst of the hectic rush and business that surrounds this time, today we can reflect on one of the most consoling aspects of the Coming of the Lord: He comes to offer weary souls true rest. Students preparing for final exams, those in the work force finishing up projects, parents preparing gifts and travel plans for their families, all long for a bit of leisure and rest. Perhaps we look for it in a television program here or there, or a social media platform, or anywhere but the tasks that overwhelm us at this time. The Lord, however, offers something best. He promises that rest is to be found by coming to Him. In the simple acts of raising our mind to remember Jesus’ coming, His humility, His love; by placing our concerns and hopes in the hands of Him who cares so much for us; in these ways we urge the Lord to come into our world. And the effect? Our world, our family, our work can be a place where even in the midst of mid-December chaos, the Lord may bring His Peace by manifesting His Presence. Today, pray, and encourage others to pray, so that together we may turn to the Lord who comes to us even now. Those around you long for His Peace just as you do. Be for them a herald of the one who says, “Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest.” (Mt 11:28)
December 13th, 2017