Friday of the Second Week of Advent
The Lord comes as one who wants only to teach us what is for our good. (Is 48:17) So many claim to do this, but then demand a price for the benefits they offer to us. Yet, our Creator does not make us because of something He can get out of creation, but because of the joy and gladness He can then bestow on His creatures. Our Redeemer does not come and ransom us for His own profit, but solely and gratuitously for ours.
This may explain Jesus’ exasperation in the Gospel today. Both He and John have preached to the people solely for the benefit of the people, hoping that the people will accept the message as good for themselves. Yet, the response is of childish rebellion which rejects good teaching, and instead pouts because the teacher has not conformed to the whims of the student, “we played the flute for you, but you did not dance, we sang a dirge but you did not mourn.” (Mt 11:17) Surely there were people who annoyed Jesus that day who considered themselves to be heralds of the Lord. And they were annoyed that Jesus was not dancing to their tune. Let us take this as a lesson ourselves. In order to announce well the coming of the Lord, let us be conformed to Him. Let us constantly attune the message we bear to the words of the Lord. Let us be humble before those who correct us when we are not conforming our thoughts, words and deeds to those of Christ. Only in humility before Jesus can we faithfully announce His coming.
December 15th, 2017