The Spiritual Exercises are divided into four parts or “weeks” that are not necessarily seven days long. However, each week emphasizes a particular theme for the person who prays. This theme is central to the character of the week, and the Exercises are intended to be given with the weeks in a particular order.

Therefore, we would strongly recommend that you start with the first meditation of the first week and work your way through to the last meditation of the fourth week. If you are starting to pray with this blog sometime after the beginning of Lent, it is still important that you spend some time with the meditations from the first week before moving on to the subsequent ones, even if this is only for a few days.

Below is a list of all the posts for the entirety of Lent from this year or years past. Feel free to go through them in whatever way is most helpful to you and your prayer. If you have any questions or need help getting started, you can use this form to contact the authors of the blog.