March 28, 2010 |

Grace: To wonder at the contradiction of Jesus’ upcoming defeat as well as victory, unfolding simultaneously.

Text for Prayer: Mt. 21:1-11

Reflection: Now continues the contradictions.  In a way, the whole of the Christian life and mystery is the way of contradictions.  What does not seem to go together, goes together.

Today, we contemplate the juxtaposition of the simultaneous triumph and defeat of Jesus.  As the drama unfolds, there is Jesus entering the Holy City, Jerusalem in great triumph- “mounting his throne to shouts of joy” as the psalmist had prophesied.

The people think the revolution is about to begin.  They are right- but not in the way they want it.  Jesus knows that his triumph is to be preceded by defeat.  On the edge of the city, He pauses to weep over Jerusalem, at the infidelity, at the separation of her members from the God who made them, at the depth of the sin in the human heart, at the capacity for evil among His beloved.

As He makes His way into the city, the people greet and pay homage to the one they believe will save them.  Before the day is done, however, they will witness him not on the throne of political power, but on the throne of mercy, the Cross, where He will be humiliated and rejected.  But it is on this throne where this King will ultimately conquer death itself -by love- for his subjects.

Questions: What is one action I could take these days, which we make me “small”, which would humble myself before another?  With Jesus in mind, is there a way I can exercise my true power as a child of God my acting in the eyes of the world as one who is powerless?

March 28th, 2010 | |