March 9, 2010 |

Grace: To share in the gratitude of Mary for the Gift given her by the Father.

Text for Prayer: Lk. 2:21-38

Reflection: Mary knew from the very beginning that God acts.  That God takes the initiative.  She knew that better than anyone ever has.  And she trusts His divine action.  She said yes at the Annunciation, even though there was reason to fear.  She rejoiced and glorified the Lord at what He had done at the Visitation.  She stayed focused and confident in the Father’s care throughout the Nativity and the fleeing into Egypt.  And that same spirit of humility and trust is operating again in Mary at the Presentation of “her” child at the Temple.

She has known from the beginning this child belongs to God, as every child does.  But in a special way she knew that to be the case now.  Her focus remains on the goodness and the generosity of the Father and she acknowledges that in offering the child Jesus into the hands of the Father as soon as He was born.  She would be there again, later on, at the foot of the cross, when Jesus would freely offer his own life into the hands of his Eternal Father.

The fulfillment of the long awaited promise to Israel is initiated here.  Simeon and Anna give beautiful testimonies to this fact.  A plan that has its roots deep in history, is coming to fruition here.  What is anticipated, what has been hoped for, longed for, is made present now, in the flesh.

Questions: In what way might I be being asked to “present” what is precious in my life to the Lord who has given it to me in the first place?  When I have I abandoned myself to the Father’s care in the past?  Do I remember the freedom that came with it, even if it felt scary?  Do I have enough trust in my heart to present to the Father what I most love and put it all at His service?  How can Mary guide me and be model for me in this trust?

March 9th, 2010 | |